Single-row bracelet with agate, pearls, turquoise and jade are decorated with pendants - heart or oval shape. Each one is unique, it is impossible to confuse with each other and every man can create your own color magic! Our branch and multi-row bracelet is distinguished by its special color combinations, and the sound that you hear when you're wearing them!


Necklaces for every woman to find the most suitable from a simple berry bunch, medallions with natural stones, as well as different sizes of chains that transforms and wearable in two or three rounds to the exclusive line of jewelry that will impress with its splendor and elegance!


Summer trinket - anklet with natural stones or Swarovski crystals perfectly highlight wearers foot beauty.


From simple pearl balls and crystal droplets ending with grape bunches in all colors of the rainbow they will delight you with its airy and brilliance!

Bag charms

Small bags or key decor of natural stones as a great gift or souvenir.

Children's Jewelry

For the smallest fashion ladies we have created wonderful sets of childhood colors - soft pink, light green, and all pastel colors. We offer packages with bracelets, as well as luxurious holidays packages with crystal medallions.

Men's Jewelry

Austere, simple, but elegant black, brown or gray agate, cat's eye and tiger eye one-row bracelets suit both - for young people and the serious masters.

Jewelry with natural leather and stones

Necklaces and bracelets of leather with natural stone is wonderful way how to easy become visible! Totally popular fashion trend - Choker


Femininity, elegance and delicacy for every woman in the most beautiful life moment! Jewelry from collections - ROYAL SOUL, ROYAL ORCHID, AMORE MIO and ANGELO BIANCO

Gift cards

Great way how to delight friends, relatives and loved ones. Purchase Soulstones by Agnese Zeltina gift card and make celebration more beautiful!

Couple bracelets


Accessories that perfectly complement with existing Soulstones jewelry. Natural fur, natural silk key, bag, phone case. IPhone and Android phone case with lace and a ring that will facilitate watching films, videos and writing e-mails.

Brand "Soulstone by Agnese Zeltiņa" created in December 2013. All the products are made of natural stones, and created with love and inspiration for the beauty of women.
"Soulstones by Agnese Zeltiņa" stands out by hand made product and high quality materials coming from Italy. Each of jewelry is one and unique - even the same peace each time comes with a different shade of color or stone.
Handmade is always value. It is a special energy that does not disappear, but once invested continues for a long time to warm the wearer. The individuality of each peace occurs when it has attention, if it is a special one and unlike the hundreds.
For active and fulfilling lifestyle and great importance to the appearance and accessories our jewelry suitable for office workers official costume giving them an elegant shade of luxurious string of pearls - the excellence of a small, black evening dress or a white blouse.
Italy is a land of inspiration. Fashion, art, nature and history - everything radiates beauty, sophistication. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Tician, Modigliani - these artists, like the modern Italian culture inspired by beautiful nature and lively people.
Constantly follow up with the latest trends in the world, searching for inspiration in the work of art, as well as travel expanses. Our classic - white pearls jewelry, which resemble bunches of grapes and black necklaces with Swarovski crystals, which have become our calling card!